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lj can't be forgotten!  
04:57pm 26/07/2010
.k a r l a....g - s p o t.
in this world of facebook, twitter, myspace, etc etc. many have forgotten this lil place called livejournal. i, for one, have not! i just haven't been updating but i still read my friends page and communities. heehee. so hello to all and don't stop updating!!! [8>[

life has been better...for a period it all felt shitty and i really felt brought down. i'm glad that period is over because i am enjoying the summer. last saturday ended up having a random lil shindig...and stayed up to see the sun rise. i loved ittt...but we all were pretty dead the next day. ahaha. erm, so i wanna show off my new tattoo! i got it earlier this month and it turned out so amazing. it was pretty random...but i'm glad chad and i now have our 2nd sis tattoo! so much has happened this year...and we are already half way through it eh. i would have to say i'm so happy for goey and dillon....they got married on may 1st...all greek wedding style. & i wore a dress...ughhh...LOLZ [the last time was prolly when i was 10].....just for you girl! it was an amazing ceremony...and i got all teary and felt honored to be the maid of honor. i love those kids! oooh yea, so i ended up growing my hair out for awhile there for the ceremony. my hair grows so fast but i'm always with the hawk because i just can't part with it. ohh the randomezz....

so this year i have gotten over some things that were very much needed. i now have clearer head and can continue with this voyage called life. i'm still itching for a road trip! well i'm off to babysit here very soon...but i have a couple of pics. like i say, keep it real!

teh inkage....buddhist mantra on the ankle. it was a bit painful.

& xK for yaz

location: teh erf
mood: nerdynerdy
music: head like a hole [x] nin <3
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where are you spring?  
12:46pm 15/02/2010
.k a r l a....g - s p o t.
i want it here so i can get lost on some hiking trails. oh how i love to do it.
so i haven't updated here in a long time, and i haven't been too active on the internet lately. to really talk to me i say just use my telefone #.
errrrrrr, so over this cold. i've been randomly sickly a lot lately..and still trying to figure out if my ear is the main cause of some things. D:

there is a lot i want to say, but for now i'd rather keep it to myself.

so yeah.

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mood: sicksick
music: void remixes
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before this year is over....  
08:16pm 27/12/2009
.k a r l a....g - s p o t.
it's been a while since a post and that mostly due to my major space cadet-ness as of late. tahaha
pretty excited to ring in the new year....hope to get lots done and staying positive!
& most of all no more crazies, HAHA. i came to find out another guy got a tattoo of me recently...yeaa WTF is wrong with you people?!!! xD

the holidays have flown by already, and xmas was a great time. had some of my lady friends over...nothing like a bunch of lesbians stomping in my room.
so what the hell is going on for new years? last new years was quite eventful in vegas. HAHAH...the craziness that happens over there.

i've been in the music zone a lot lately...lots beats and even mash ups.

oh & happy birthday ayden baby!!! what's in store for teh 23?

i'm gonna go now...feelin like tequila shots at the strip bar with dan, quite possibly.
everyone have fun!

location: kloud.
mood: contentcontent
music: my digitalism. daft punk mash-up set!
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09:02pm 28/10/2009
.k a r l a....g - s p o t.
omg, this month has gone by so fast and i can't even remember most of it! oh wellz...
i've been working on some songs lately...autumn brings great inspiration. i also wrote one for ayden, and tis the first time i have ever written a song for anyone. once i get everything together, i will record it. but i'm all about timing, so i don't know when i will give it to her. oh how i love her...and i hope i get to see her soon. *silly smile*
my room ends up being really messy at random times. i've been trying to clean and throw away old papers and what not. i keep finding old love letters and drawings, which were kyoot but now they just belong in the trash. it's funny how to see how much things have changed but for the better. people have really been annoying me lately too, so my company this day is limited to my besties only. you just get sick of the fakeness, ya know?
i'm itching for a trip, anywhere!!! i wanted to go out to florida this december but things are so hectic in that month...so possibly in march. but i did want to go to mexico in that time, ahHh wherever i go it'll be fun. i also am glad to be back to talking regularly to crystal again, she's been such a true friend for years. someday she will come over here, i know she'd like it more than where she is! hehe
ooookay, so i have to talk about my fan girl moment at combichrist. i finally got to meet z_marr last night, he's so adorable..and up close i had the heart shaped eyes for him. i'm glad i got to hug him..and happy to see he recognized me. mwahahah *starry heart shaped eyes at him* it was a bummer they left to denver last night though or otherwise they would've stayed at my friends. squee! i got some good pics and the crowd was pretty crazy. AH, great shows. i've had the oppurtunity to kick it with some bands this year...which makes me happy, they know they have friends in slc!
so SHIT, i don't even have a costume for halloween which is weird. my mind has been all over, and i still haven't found anything! pearlz and i were saying to be tank girl and jet girl. hahah. and i'm fa real going trick or treating this year, i don't give a shittttt. i wantz candy! XD
ahhh so in about a month or so i will finally see my babez. i've missed him so much but our time apart has really put perspective about what he wants in life and about us. i can only hope things stay the same and get better. i so care about him deeply already and would like to see us go somewhere. his smile, personality, how he treats me and how we can talk and laugh like there is no tomorrow. also the fact that he is an artist gets me...he's excited to ink me up!!! watch i'll end up hella tagged cuz of him. lolz. he also has a big surprise for me...which i really have no idea about. just can't wait to embrace eachother and be kyootz, aww i miss him so much.

wtf this post is random and scattered. but so is my brain!!! i think skool has me all overloaded on a lot and i'm looking forward to this semester being over already, lolz!
bwahhhh, i'm going to go. the cold makes me just want to cuddle all day in my bed. soon enough with my favorite people though ^_^
hope yer all well, have a great halloween und samhain!

location: das bunker.
mood: relaxedrelaxed
music: o/h scavenger [x] faderhead
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everything they whisper in her ear.  
11:02am 25/09/2009
.k a r l a....g - s p o t.
so this week has been freaking nuts, and i would like to think it is the changing of the seasons. mabon was the other day, which means the fall equinox...as day and night are completely equal. the week began as normal, but then i soon became drained to the core. my dreams have been so lucid and intense. i can wake myself up luckily, but i awoke speaking the last parts of my dream. in the summer i had the same thing happened to me, i woke up but still stuck in the dream. as for other odd things, i've been seeing a lot more animal spirits in the house. animals never bother me....they just seem to want the company since i love animals so much. but, i started seeing human spirits around the house. they are not violent but seem to be lost...and in search of something. i am just curious as to what it is, the dreams try pointing to a sign....but it is leaving me drained. it is these spriritual vampires of some sort...they can also be tricky too. my house has a history of such visitors for a long time. it's like second nature for me to see them, but what do they want?

ever since i was young i have been able to see more things than any usual person. especially now i feel this gift has heightened since i lost hearing in my right ear. for it is true, you lose a sense you gain another. very soon i hope to cleanse my room *AGAIN* to see if there is change. today i feel a bit better than the past days, but still have these very tired feelings and i'm all sore. damn youz spirits, leave me alone...i always have so much to do. oi.

oh the spiritual planes...and those of us who can bounce back and forth on the different ones....it is a gift, but a weight at times as well.




oh and 'the fragile' was released exactly ten years ago. i actually remember when it came out. i've loved NIN for a long time. *looks at trent starry eyed* damn.
mood: draineddrained
music: lights in the sky [x] nin
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08:26am 14/09/2009
.k a r l a....g - s p o t.
there really aren't many here, and i'm happy to say pearl and i have become club favorites. we seem to be the only true rivet girls around here that actually show up to places and stomp the nite away! mwahaha. last week we were having some fetish fun....with the masks, bruising, and getting tasered. LOLZ. it's a lot of fun! i'm doing that shoot with molly soon...and i want to invest with in a new respirator mask. o0ooo. gasmasks, anyone?

this week is going to be hella busy, aHhhh...
off to work out this morning. i'm happy to say i need a weight increase on the bench. i will bench YOU! [; mwahah

location: mein room.
mood: bouncybouncy
music: myspace im DING!
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long survey time!  
03:25pm 08/09/2009
.k a r l a....g - s p o t.
Longest relationship: almost 2 years. phew!!
-How many boyfriends/girlfriends have told you that they loved you? all of them really.
-How many of them meant it when they said they loved you? thinking back i would say only about 2 of them. they are quick to love me but when it counts the most they tended to be non-existent. weirdness from males and females.
-Have you ever thought you were going to marry the person you were with? yes but i was very young and nieve.
-Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurt? the love i have for ayden is that way.
-Have you ever made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry? all the time, my exes have tended to be whiney clingers...that goes for the boys too.
-Are you happier single or in a relationship? i'm very content being alone...but i always have a love interest. especially now, wow...my phone book is full. lolz
-Have you ever been cheated on? yea, it was a bullshit excuse too. to this day she won't admit, i broke up with her. oh the mono days.
-Have you ever had your heart broken? couple of times.
-Have you ever broken someone's heart? i've been called the lady.killer haha, but also the guy.killer. :P
-Talk to any of your ex's? yes, am friends with three of them. the rest got all weird or "aren't allowed to talk to me" funny how i'm threatening STILL.
-Think any of your ex's still feel the same way they did about you while you were together? definitely. some choose not to talk to me because it hurts too much or they obsess and become stalkers. wtf right?
-Do you believe that you are a good boyfriend/girlfriend? very much so, i give what i can and it doesn't matter to me. i like to see them happy.
Ever dated someone that wasn't good to you? my last ex...calling me the crazy one yet he has major issues and some mid-life crisis. still won't leave me alone too. haha bitch.
-Have you been in an abusive relationship? it started with emotional, and it ends there. i belong to no one.
-Have you dated someone older than you? wayyy older because i thought it would've been better. BIG MISTAKE. he has the persona of a teenage boy. yuck.
-Dated someone younger than you? once. that too was, interesting.
-Do you regret anything that you have or haven't done with a boyfriend/girlfriend? dating joel, what a fukken mistake he is.
-Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance? nope. i used to be way nice but now i'm all about protecting myself. everybody gets one.
-Believe in love at first sight? yeah [8
-Ever dated two people at once? all the time, i'm polyamorous.
-Ever been given an engagement ring? haha yea, i gave it back to her when we broke up. why do i need a reminder of failure?
-Ever stolen someone’s boyfriend/girlfriend? i wouldn't say steal, they came begging for me.
-Ever liked someone else's boyfriend/girlfriend? yezzz.
-Does heartbreak really feel as bad as it sounds? yea it hurts way bad, but you move on and learn a thing or two.

Name: karla
Birth Date: april 20th, 1987 [year of the rabbit!]
Current Location: slc, utah
Hair Color: blue!!!
Righty/Lefty: dominantly right, but can use both.

Your fear: nothing.
Your dream of the perfect date: dinner on a coast somewhere, the sun coming down...lots of cuddling at a beach, great music and maybe ending with me spinning and having friends come by after. if you are with me, i have tons of friends and they are just as important!
Goal you'd like to achieve: music!!!...dj-ing...get into a club, tour, the lovely musician dream. as well as open my own label. continue my education to a phd level. i would also like to be a philosophy teacher when i'm older...when the noize calms down. hehe

Your thoughts first waking up: where is my shirt? lolz
Your best physical feature: eyes. have been told they are enchanting and the best ever. heehee
Your bed time: whenever! i sleep randomly now.
Your most missed memory: josh. around halloween is when we started becoming bestie type o friends. halloween time is our time. me and the l33tz go all out for this holiday, just wish he was here. x:

Pepsi or Coke: pepsi!
McDonald's or Burger King: fukk mcdonalds. burger king! and they have a veggie burger :D
Adidas or Nike: adidas.
Chocolate or Vanilla: depends.
Cappuccino or Coffee: cappucino! but i'm a tea lover.

Smoke: cigarattes are very rare. i do like a clove sometimes. and mary jane is one of my best friends, it's my RIGHT! lolz
Cuss: hella fukken my mouth should be washed with soap, so my mom says.
Take showers: yes but with others is much better!
Like(d) school: very much so. i was always advanced in literature...and graduated early from high skool. i'm at the uni now, talk about nerd power...that's me!!! im always reading.
Believe what goes around comes around: Karma is REAL. *AGREED*
Believe everything happens for a reason: some aspects in your life are just put in the stars. it's up to you to do something with it.

Gone to the mall: not in awhile. im getting into making my own clothes.
Been on stage: yea!!! the dj irene rave...i was dancing but then we got kicked off since my friends and i have mohawks and aren't dumb xtc hoes.
Eaten sushi: SO MUCH and as much as i can when i have the $. i'm what they called "experienced"..haha. lately it seems like a trend for the scenesters. fukk your scene, i make my own! lalala
Been hurt: yea, such episodes haunt me still.
Dyed your hair: yes, sunday actually. i loved the purple but the blue is my fave.

Played a stripping game: yea but then i got bored and made the party in my room. HAHA
Kissed the same sex: all ze time.
Got beaten up: nope. i'm "intimidating" especially to guys. tahah
Changed who you were to fit in: NEVER. i've always been that "weird one" anywhere i went.

Age you're hoping to be married by: there is one person i would, yet the marriage labeling and stigma that comes with it is annoying. plus being poly, this person would be the uberest. [;
Number of kids you're planning on having: if i do, not till i'm 30. who knows! dear trent reznor, let me at least have some sperm. HAHA

Best eye color: any, but dark features and bright eyes are a thing for me.
Best hair color: BLUEEE!! [; ah, dark hair plz.
Short or long hair: i usually like femme ladies, and doesn't matter on guys. yet something to pull on is nice.
Fat or fit: i've dated people of all types but i would prefer someone who is just fit and can keep up with me. i have a lot of energy and stamina. ahaha
Fun or serious: fun! there is a time to be serious though, that is for sure. i dislike people who blow their own egos or are "too ____ of something". fukken smile already!

1 MINUTE AGO: reading an article about the space exhibition here.
1 HOUR AGO: in math, eating a sandwich/
1 WEEK AGO: talking with my new friend, braun.
1 YEAR AGO: going to skool and being sickish as hell but trying to play it cool.
I FEEL: happy.
I HATE: liars and posers.
I HIDE: my emotions.
I NEED: the real people in my life!
I LOVE: my family, friends, lovers, animals, the world, MUSIC.

What is a food that you'd hate to be allergic to? not allergic to anything, but meat makes me sick as hell now. bleh!
What color was the last towel you used? a mix, it's of the rock. haha
Would you prefer to date someone taller, shorter, or the same height as you? i love tall guys, and as for girls...im always the taller one. haha
When was the last time your nose bled? it has been years, thx the stars. as a child my nose bled for hours.
How old are you turning this year? 22 going on 23 for the new year.
What is your favorite thing to snack on while watching a movie? chips and dip!!!! and candy.
Swimming pool or hot tub? neither, the OCEAN!
Can you swim well? very much so. i'm a damn fish now.
What body part do you wash first in the shower?: my chest
Who would you allow to read your thoughts for one day?: ayden because we already know how we are anyway. haha
What kind of first impression do you think you make? intimidating or very cute, alluring, i suppose!
Name your last reason for using a camera? sending pics to my txt buddies or at the clubs.
What are you excited about? getting this job at the U, turntables, getting enough sleep, seeing those hottiessss. hahaha
Seven days from now, will you be in a relationship? yeazzz.
Are you a happy person? very much so!
When was the last time you laughed really hard & why? sunday nite/monday morning...at pearl and marty's. drunken topless fun. hahah
What are you wearing? kmfdm shirt, combat boots, black shorts, boxer briefs and my bracelets! oh yea and all black. :D
What do you want? more music gear and my loves.
Did you enjoy your weekend? very much so. i love my friends and especially rawkin the club like usual. as well as seeing ares. *drools*
Do you regret anything you've done recently? naw!
Is there anybody you wish you could see? yezzzz...*sparkley eyes at him*
Have you ever kissed anyone with a name that starts with J or M? yes and yes!
How many people of the opposite sex do you fully trust? maybe like 3. the majority of men are pricks and not worth my time. that sounds like ayden, ahaha.
Do you think you’ll be married in 10 years? uhHh, i dunno.
What makes you mad most about girls? JEALOUSY games.
Have you ever been given roses? yea but i dislike receiving them. art plz?
Do you even like getting flowers? no, i appreciate them in nature.
What's your favorite flowers? lotus.
Will you be in a relationship 4 months from now? of course, i have a very stable primary relationship. as the others, it depends.
Does it bother you when your friends bring up your past mistakes? sometimes, i like to keep onto the future.
Can you be your complete self around the person you like? yesss..i just release my charm more though.
Whose the first person you texted today? tobechi.
Would you move to another state to be with the person you loved? maybe, but we would both need plans. anyway, she is moving here for me when she finishes skool :D
What did the last IM to make you smile say? my email buddy and how he loves my pics.
Do you ever get a text saying good morning? all the time, my morning birds are always up.
Last movie you watched and who did you watch it with? i watched some japanese movie with pearl and marty. it was hella bad ass. oh how i love japan!
How's the weather today? hot when yer hiking around. haha
Where is the person you need most right now? prolly in skool too.
What color are your eyes? brown!
Do you like poptarts? the smore flavah!
Where will you be 12 hours from now? i dont even know, im more spontaneous than ever.
Is it easy for others to make you feel intimidated? HELL NO. lolz
Do you know what you are going to wear tomorrow? not sure, and prolly get a lil dressed up for the club.
Where's your girlfriend/boyfriend at? skool or working. she's just as busy as me, i love itt though.
Are you on a desktop or laptop? on the campus desktops.
Does anyone hate you for no reason? probably..exes or ex-friends. funny because they are dying to be my friend or in my life somehow.
Can you make yourself cry? ehh
What are you planning to do today? finish homework, workout, maybe go out on a date. i got hella numbers this weekend [;
Would you go back in time if you were given the chance? nein. i like who i have become.
What are your favorite colors? black, purple, blue
Where did you get the underwear you are wearing right now? target? lolz they.re old.
Have you ever kissed someone whose name starts with an R? yezz
Have you ever passed out? haha yea when i used to be an uber lush.
Are you easily confused? nein!
Do you think you would make a good wife/husband? of course.
What's your favorite kind of ice cream? cookies n cream or cookie dough!
Do you like coffee? not so much
Do you like summer? sometimes only when i wanna swim all day
Have you ever liked someone who treated you like crap? fukk no, what a waste.
Is your current hair color mostly your natural hair color? haha no. i have black hair NATURALLY. waa goth kids waa :P
What color are your socks? black
Where were you at 8am this morning? making tea.
Do you fall for people easily? sometimes.
Everything happens for a reason? no matter what, you learn something.
Have you ever dated someone more than once? haha yea, hence why i say once chance is it.
Who have you texted in the last 24 hours? too many to name.
Last thing you got in the mail? letter from john. <3
What is your current crave? pizzaaa with gouda and artichoke hearts!
Do you find members of the preferred sex confusing? everyone is just as confusing. lolz
What are you listening to right now? die form!
How has the week been? pretty fabulous actually...just hope to get some sleep in.
Is there something you wish you could tell someone but can't? naw
What are your biggest turn offs? cockiness, selfishness, over jealous and possessive people, druggies, laziness, ignorance
Favorite drink? water.
Last person to say 'I love you' to you? ayden and melissa
Would you kiss the last person you kissed again? prolly not, he's my bitch i told him. HAHA
What's your favorite color gummy bear? redT!
What is the nicest part of the opposite sex: that i can have the guy mentality with them.
to look at: eyes and smile.
Have you ever run into a dishwasher? nopes!
Ever had a song sung about/for you? haha yeaaa and many poems.
Is there a baby in the room with you right now? nopez.
Do you know how to dance? oh don't you try and battle me on the dance floor. bring ittt.
Where do you sing the most, in the car, the shower or other? the car and shower,
What is your favorite thing that is green? chronic. HAHA
What did your last text message say? "hey babe you still wanna get together this week to help with my portfolio?" yay mini shoot this week.
What is the way to your heart? intelligence, alt looking people.
What do you smell like? manly: aqua de gio. girly: lavender
What's in your pocket? Right now? ipod nano [that i won! haha] and my fone n some gum.
Anything in your mouth? gum!
Ever hurt yourself playing Wii? noz
Do you have freckles? no way
How many languages can you say "Hello" in? 5 :D
What's the last movie you saw in the theater? INGLORIOUS BASTERDS! <3 i have an ss fetish and no i'm not a nazi for the 3927498739273 time. xD
Ever jumped/fallen/been pushed in a pool with your clothes on? noz
Are you wearing any clothes that you wore yesterday? nope!
Name a song that you know all the words to? all NIN. kthx :D
What's the last thing you watched on TV? robot chicken.
What's the last video game you played? i get laid in life. LOLZ
Can you do the alphabet in sign language? some of it.
Do you wear glasses? nooo
What can you hear right now? L7
Did you feel better or worse or the same yesterday? the same!
What was your favorite childhood show? lolz too many and i still watch em.
Are you close to your siblings? with my sister yez.
Do you bite your nails? not anymore
Do you like your feet? meh not into feet at all
Do you sleep well at night? better than earlier in the summer. hooray.


location: on campus.
mood: peacefulpeaceful
music: freak magnet [x] L7
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jail and some timely justice?  
12:28pm 02/09/2009
.k a r l a....g - s p o t.
so today i recieved a letter from the dmv & I HAVE MY LICENSE BACK! i had a hearing last week and had to hear that son of a bitch cop's voice as we went through the motions. as for charges left in my case is simply "not stopping for an officer" the other charges have been dropped and the dui is non-existent. i offered to test for him on all levels but he just wanted to put me in jail. also came to find out my last name has a "GA" in the system which means gang related. this explains why 5 other officers were there when i was being questioned. funny because i am an un-armed female and was immediately hand-cuffed in the store. this cop thought he was going to get away with his bullshit just like the rest. too bad for him he messed with the wrong woman. i've always known my intelligence would set me free. ha ha ha! i'm used to being discriminated for everything possible [yea sad to say but true]...but thanks for this profiling capt. douche bag. it makes for great writing and my theories to be proven!

i'm just tired of people's bullshit and trying to fuck with me. oh and you know what also helps...having a WONDERFULLY CLEAN RECORD even as a juvenile.
if any of you need legal advice or help, ask me. i know how this shitty capitalist system works now. all the fees and games and hoops you have to jump for them. i will also be recieving a refund for them taking the car and all that.

welcome to the future, i can't wait for you to shut me up.
fuck the police! ahahah [8>[

mood: happy
music: thankless job [x] repo!
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polyamory & stuff.  
11:40am 02/09/2009
.k a r l a....g - s p o t.
i've been really asking around to people that follow the polyamorous lifestyle. i'm trying to get a younger perspective since it seems many are all old and married. *yawns* my interest is in the more open people that don't see marriage as such a priority. it's never too soon to pick out my senior thesis..and this might be it! if anyone knows people or is into the lifestyle, please contact me. i would just like to interview and get perspectives. i suppose someone my age being polyamorous is pretty rare, i'm yet to find more like-minded individuals that see love in an alternative way. monogamy just seems like a joke to me..whether for economical reasons or simply people's insecurity. i've been lucky to have been seeing someone who really gets it [so i'd like to think]. you could say this relationship started at the beginning of august. i'm so straight up because i don't want hurt feelings and craziness on my back. i told him i am poly and that i'm very open about talking about what we do. i explained my concept of primaries. for instance, ayden is my girlfriend and she comes first over any other person. yet, we are able to do as we please for now. i say for now because when we end up living together things change and it is a DAMN FACT that people get obsessive over my way too fast. i explained to him and i can just hope he really "doesn't want to change me." i care for him deeply already and i hope we can make something out of it. he got into some trouble lately ): and i know his troubles all too well. luckily, i am here for him and will wait for him to get back from those troubles.

yesterday was pretty a pretty fun day on campus. i'm so glad to have met a couple of philosophy major guys. in the department there are VERY few ladies persuing a career in philosophy. like usual, i get along great with guys. i was engaged by a fellow classmate and talked about various topics. i really would like to get more invovled and do the philosophy club. with my new friend we might go together and see how it goes. he's quite passionate about his arguments and i totally dig that, i said, WOW how refreshing to see someone not majoring in business or some shit like that. hahaha philosopers united! my advisor also has told me about this type of yoga that sounds intense...which i love! if i don't sweat i feel as if though the work.out wasn't worth it. i'm back on weights again..so sore but building strength up. i also am going full on pesco.vegetarian this coming new year. i love animals way too much and i hate to see exploitation of any kind. i love to eat organically as it is...and this is a new step. i'm invovled with a lot of organizations for helping many...and animals are one of them. meat really disgusts me these days and working for a better tomorrow is what i strive for. educating and waking those for their apathetic slumbers. i welcome anyone to ask me about such organizations and philosophies. i also think that we are going to be starting a new meditation group. heh, yesterday i was reminded on why females are still not taken seriously. like in buddhism, MEN still get mad about women involved in the practices. i'm not a full on buddhist, i'm ecclectic...but like buddha said....knowledge takes away the ignorance. it's for all.....

anyway, this weekend we are trying to get a bear lake trip set up. every summer we end up going and having a great time. i love the water and the sun!
at the end of the day i feel so exhausted yet accomplished...it most definitely is a great feeling.

you're just like a dream

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10:00am 25/08/2009
.k a r l a....g - s p o t.
this year began with some crazyness....at about summertime the chaos wheel was at its highest for me. patience and a positive outlook has still got me here through all the years. i feel as though FINALLY the rough patch of the beginning of this year has disappeared...my karma is finally paying me back. in the universe you can be a positive and ethical person, yet some will do ALMOST anything to bring you down with their vampiric dark energies. too bad for them, they are truly removed and i feel a sort of cleanse. just in time i might add for a grand samhain event!

summertime was nuts...i made some really close friends that i wouldn't of ever thought to find. it's really nice when you find people like that...to trust and who always have eachothers backs. those are the people worth my time. [pearl & marty, i'm talking to you! love you guys.] i've always been the loyal friend and protector to many...i suppose my good nature also has brought me some pain too. i giggle now at all these losers from my past who want to come back into my life because they realized 'ohh yea, karla is probably the only true friend i've ever had' enjoy the memories fools!

anyway, i'm hoping to do that industrial shoot soon with molly. our schedules have been so crazy and i kept leaving town all the time...so i hope it happens. it's going to be so hott!!!

THIS WEEK: tonight...depeche mode. anyone going?!?!? :D absolutely giddy for this. then thursday project pitchfork, straight from the DE! also, september will be coming up soon and i'll be in san francisco again. i love going especially with rayebehbeh...her fam is awesome. i also get to kick it with some bands this time..o0oo! did you all notice my tan this summer? i was all beach-ified. i love the sea oh so much. *starry eyes*

campus is way cold today and a bit rainy. my schedule rawks and today i will get my books. thx to chad for help with that.


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