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...i'll heal your wounds...i'll set you free...

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.k a r l a....g - s p o t.
20 April 1987
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[the noize]
in a blur she stares into some abyss, where is her mind?

k a r l a m a n

the time to hesitate is through

hai there fellow traveler!

i'm karla, a 2-2 year old complex hybrid panda-kitty.
a very happy, passionate, positive, friendly, hard-working individual.
my style is most different. i guess i look like a goth child, but it really depends on my mood. i love to fuck with
everything...for one, gender. somedays i look like a femme in a skirt, other days like a boi with a handsome smirk.
i really believe love is blind. i like people for who they are inside, what is between your legs could matter less.
i also believe in loving many...i love to meet new people and have new romantic encounters. i really am all over
the place, so to hold onto me can be quite the task if you are up for it. music is my number one love...creating,
listening, attending shows, i love everything about it. i'm a rivet.head by heart and my ultimate favorite band is
nine inch nails. you'll see what i mean, just look at my posts. hahaha.
reading is one of my favorite things to do...to novels, graphic novels, really all kinds...my collection is slowly

i love making new friends and chattin it up anytime. really, i am a child at heart...probably around the age of 11.
love to collect toys, figures, plushies. i don't think i'll ever grow out of it. there is a lot more to me...but
my trust is something to be earned. once you have it, you'll never lose it. i'm loyal, loving, and a real person.
enough with the fakes, so sick of them! i do my best to avoid drama...sure that was fun in high school...but keep
it away from me!!! i'm sure i left out a lot, but eh. my posts are sometimes very random, and about my daily life.
i tend to be forgetful so this is so dandy to have. teehee. i've had this thing for years, from a young child to
now. oh how we grow...

but now i'm on a voyage to learn more and better understand this world we live in.

other randomness: i love asian culture, japanese girls, vampires, reading!!!, a little bit of writing, making mixes for people, taking pictures, burning one [haha, what can i say?], drinking on occasion...i enjoy rum and whiskey the best, nice big hugs from people, kissing, sexual openess, i melt for industrial artists..just boys though HAHA, pretty femme girls, diversity, dancing only to electronica, posters and decorating my room as much as possible, the great buddha and his teachings, stickers for my car, drawing, coloring, art history, world history, making bracelets and wearing them, kandis, astrology, the solar system and space, other worlds, gas masks, anything leopard print, collie dogs, an unhealthy obessesion with all things nin/reznor related, hallucinogens, dwayne "the rock" johnson [after all these years, i still LOVE this man], intense conversation, philosophy, cherry flavored anything, panda bears, white rabbits, cool kids with uber taste in music, fotos, films of all kinds, zombies, dark comics, as well as much more. i've just hit the tip of who i am.

interested? drop me a line. i love talking to people from all over. ^_^

much love,


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fur immer
.i miss you.

"There are just some things that don't seem very fair in the world, like this fucking hypocrisy of organized religion...I just don't understand how people can blindly believe a bunch of the shit they're fed, to believe it so that they don't think too hard about other issues. 'Be a good boy and you'll go to heaven.' If it works for you, fine, but it doesn't work for me and that pisses me off because I kind of wish it did." - Reznor


it's all so true. i win. (;


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