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holla! *looks at goey*  
05:07pm 06/09/2010
.k a r l a....g - s p o t.
so it's been a week since i started my new workout...5/7 days i'm doing circuit training. i feel pretty pumped too!! i can feel my legs tighten up...they are the first thing to get in shape..tahah. ooh that's right i'll drop kick a muthafukka [;. tis hard to get motivated...but the first week is the true test of sticking to it. here's to progress!

i must questions on why are about 99% of female vocals in electro tracks so fukken annoying?!!? or maybe it's just me since i think most loud pitched voices are annoying. XD distort that shit PLZZ.

rawrrr, i was going to talk about something at length..but i'm too hyper and in need of a shower. bbq time...but damn i wish i had some tofurky italian dawgs! those are the major n0mz. anyway, lata lj.


i love fall.......it's finally starting to feel like itz !
mood: hyperhyper
music: orgasm [x] noisuf-x
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